Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rooting out garlic mustard

The Bay Village Green Team Environment committee had a garlic mustard pull on May 9 in Bay's smallest park, Glen Park.

Seven volunteers worked for two hours and filled six trash bags with the invasive garlic mustard. The city provided gloves and the black trash bags.

Garlic mustard poses a severe threat to native plants and animals. Once introduced to an area it edges out native plants by monopolizing light, moisture, nutrients, soil and space. Animals can't eat garlic mustard and they loose their food sources.

It may surprise folks when they learn this invasive alien is in their own gardens and should be removed.

Hand pulling of the entire root system is practical for light infestations. Plants must be disposed of in sealed bags. They should not be composted or burned. For larger infestations, cut stems at ground level or within several inches of the ground to prevent seed production.

Source: West Shore Sun, by Roger A. Vozar