Sunday, June 27, 2010


Something happens when you plant a garden, something that makes you feel quietly happy and content.

The easy moving of the soil, watching the ground take different shapes and feeling it begin to soften in your hands. I imagine this is the reason children love to play in the dirt so much, it brings them comfort in some unknown way.

Before the planting begins you add much needed nutrients and the once dull, lifeless earth now becomes rich with promise. A neglected patch of land has been given new life. And, now because of you, and your steady efforts, growing will begin.

A place without purpose becomes alive with growth.

Seeds and plants you tenderly placed in the ground will now await the sun’s warm rays to nourish them to life. You see your creation and you smile with sweet satisfaction and quiet contentment.

A day well spent because growth has taken place in more ways than one.

Some thoughts shared by a Bay Community Gardener

Just a reminder that we will be having a Bay Community Garden meeting at the garden, this Tuesday, June 29th beginning at 6:30 - all are encouraged to attend.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Learn About Automated Trash Pick This Monday, 6/21

Automated Trash Pick-up will be discussed for the first time in a Public Meeting of the Bay Village Service, Utilities, and Equipment Committee Meeting scheduled for Monday, June 21st, 6:30 PM at City Hall.
Representatives from Republic/Allied & the Cuyahoga Solid Waste District will also be attending.
According to the Solid Waste District, Automated Trash Pick up generally doubles recycling when it is adopted. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the city's plans and to show your support for increased recycling within the community.
Please plan to attend the meeting--AND, spread the word--bring your family and friends!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

June Meeting Minutes

Waste Management Update (Brenda O’Reilly)

Automated Trash Pick up will be discussed for the first time in Service, Utilities, and Equipment Committee Meeting scheduled for Monday, June 21st, 6:30 PM at City Hall, open to the public. According to the Solid Waste District, automated trash pick up generally doubles recycling when it is adopted. Please plan to attend the meeting, ask questions, and show your support. The SWD District provided a grant to the City to purchase 24 indoor/outdoor recycle bins for public places. The Service Center has ordered the bins and expects them to be delivered by the end of June. They should be available to use for recycling at Bay Days. The group discussed the possibility of having a “zero waste” event in Bay Village. Barb Caskey will check to see if a LENSC would be interested in doing this at an event that they are hosting.

Communication/Environment Update (Lori Sprosty)

* Daniel Krieg gave a “Tree City” update to the group. Bay has the “Tree City USA” designation. Although there is no immediate risk of losing this honor, there is currently no budget to plant new trees. The city could lose a number of trees in the next few years due to Emerald Ash disease. Re-establishing a budget to plant new trees is an activity that the Green Team would be very interested in supporting. Dan is going to see if he can get more information to share.

* Bay High Project Earth hosted the 3rd annual waterway clean up on May 15—in addition to collecting debris, the group pulled 300 pounds of garlic mustard (awesome!)

* The Abitibi paper retrieval bin information has been updated on the Recycle pdf that is on the city website. The Green Team encourages residents to recycle ALL of their paper—at the Abitibi paper bins or at the City Service Center. Please spread the word.

* A Green Scene message will appear in the Mayor’s quarterly newsletter in early July.

* The Green Team has a grant from the SWD to print and mail postcards that promote recycling to all residents. The mailing and grant reimbursement application needs to occur by Thanksgiving. We will work with the city to create the most appropriate message based on where the City is with the review of Automated Trash Pickup.

Community Garden Update (Bob Shields)

The garden was opened on Memorial Weekend—61 plots are leased, 34 are planted. We have 2 churches interested in plots to grow produce for persons in need. This is a response from the community that is way beyond our expectations and we are extremely excited. The deer fence and water are installed thanks to the City Service Department. Bob Shields is planning to create demo beds (with 16 varieties of tomatoes). Many thanks to Lori Sprosty, who led the opening week for the Green Team, with support from Nancy Clark, Mackenzie Clark, and Laura Crabb. Articles about the Community Garden are in EcoWatch Journal and the Westlake/Bay Village Observer.

Events Update (Brenda O’Reilly)

* Warren Remein updated the group on a Compost Bin Seminar and Sale that he has been able to arrange with the Solid Waste District. The FREE event will be on July 21st at the Bay Community House (Cahoon Rd) at 6:30 PM. More information to follow.

* The Bay Day’s Booth is ready to go for Saturday, July 3rd. We will set up at 11 am, and open from Noon to around 6 PM. A volunteer sign up sheet will be circulated.




Brief Business Meeting at 6:30 PM

Bottlemania” Book Discussion led by Pam DeFino 7 PM