Wednesday, October 20, 2010

October Meeting Updates

Highlights from our recent 10/12 meeting began in the waste management area with an update of the automated trash pick up (ATPU) for BV from city council member Dwight Clark. Noted was the promotion of uniformity and increased curbside recycling--typically increasing community recycling by 30% or more due to the increased curbside options and would include cardboard and mixed paper. In addition, the yard waste in brown bags would go to a compost facility in Avon (currently, it goes to the landfill). Adoption of ATPU has not yet been approved and is still under review with council. However, a possible target date for adoption is 4/1/11. There will be a town hall meeting on Wednesday, October 27th, 7:30 PM at the Police Station community room on ATPU and GT members are encouraged to attend to support this important initiative.
Next on the agenda was an update by Bob Shields on the community garden. The harvest for the summer season was excellent and far beyond expectations. Current gardeners have until Oct 25th to renew for next year; after Nov 1, open enrollment will be on a first come first serve basis. At this time, current garden plots also need to be prepared for winter. The compost area is under development (as an Eagle Scout project), projected to be complete by the end of October. The main priority is the deer fence. The deer have breached the fence in the last month on a regular basis. The group is looking at various fencing options, and will need to meet with the city regarding the fence ordinances. One idea is to have a fence that is 6 ft tall, with a single wire around the top, extending the height to around 8 ft.

As we continue to look for ways to fund the community garden, a grant discussion by Ellie Bricmont and Brenda O’Reilly followed. Information and ideas were given for consideration
in obtaining grants and Ellie suggested that we put together a Fact Sheet and a Wish List with all of our funding needs. Both of these can be placed in front of potential donators. Likely our donations will not come from foundations, which are currently more focused on providing funding for projects that benefit those in need, but private donors or merchants may be very interested in funding “Green” Initiatives. Anyone interested in making a donation can contact the BVGT at the below email address or the Mayor’s office at 440-899-3416.
The communications update included the Composting 101 postcard (being mailed to all BV residents the week of Oct. 25th); a laser print copy of the postcard that circulated and 3 sample layouts of the recycling sticker on display. The GT also had a message in the latest Mayors Quarterly Newsletter, the Green Scene, about recycling, composting and the Habitat for Humanity collection that took place Oct. 16th.

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