Monday, July 16, 2012

Magic is happening at the Community Garden

Have you noticed the magic that is going on at the Community Garden this summer?  The warm spring weather that allowed us early planting has proven to be worthwhile. What a surprise to walk into the garden this year and see the amazing development of the plants.   Already this season gardeners have been enjoying the fruits of their labor with many grown vegetables and this year’s crops seem to be the best since the Community Garden began.  Of course the weather has helped in that regard but let us not forget the diligent work by those of us who have tended our plots since the opening of the Community Garden in 2010 by adding compost, leaf humus and working the soil with loving hands to produce this year’s outstanding crops.

Have you paused just inside the west gate to watch the butterflies flutter around their colorful plants? The newly added Butterfly Garden has really bloomed and is a welcoming stop for the traveling butterflies.  Just follow the colorful dainty creatures and they will lead you to their own private oasis.

We humans also use the Community Garden for our own personal oasis.  Some of us like the idea of homegrown vegetables for our kitchen table.  Some of us are a part of the Bethesda on the Bay Church group or the Village Food Project growing organic vegetables, herbs and flowers for local needs.  And still yet some of us simply like the quiet, meditative surroundings that the garden offers. Whatever your reason, it’s nice to remember that we all come together inside those gates with a common interest and this summer we have all benefited from the Community Garden in one way or another. 

Enjoy the magic that is happening at the Community Garden this summer.

Writings by Robin

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