Monday, October 10, 2011

Good Growing Season

We have come to the end of a good growing season. It is time to prepare our garden beds for the winter. The fruits of our labor were rewarded with a bounty of delicious vegetables, herbs and a visual assortment of beautiful flowers. The temperatures have dropped so it’s time to put the garden tools away, time to pack those garden gloves that look so wonderfully worn and served us so well away. Just seeing the garden gloves with yesterday’s dirt on them gave you a peaceful feeling, they reminded you of your time alone working the soil in your little patch of heaven. As we prepare our garden beds for the winter we can also take this time to plan next year’s crop. Remember when you would open the gate and make your way to your assigned plot you would notice other gardens with the most outstanding eye-catching plants and you would think to yourself, “I can do that”. Well now is the time to plan and research that plant and add it to your 2012 planting list. With every new idea there is an old one that still works. Don’t discount those plants that gave you that summer smile, but add a few new ones to the old standbys. The most ideal garden is one that combines neighborly ideas, a variety of vegetables, fragrant herbs and a few flowers to excite the senses. Our winter homework is just beginning, relive those summer thoughts and remember to start mentally preparing your plot for an even better 2012 summer garden. Put your garden bed to sleep for the winter, clean those garden tools and imagine all the possibilities of next year. See you in the spring!

Writings by Robin, Bay Community Gardener

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