Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pleasant Surprises

This mild winter weather has been a pleasant surprise. No one expected a December, January and so far February quite like this. Everyone still seems to be holding their breath wondering when the real northeast weather will arrive. It is hard to believe that in less than 2 months on April 5th the local baseball team will begin their official season. Still harder to believe is that the calendar says spring begins in approximately 4 weeks. Although the calendar says we still have 4 more weeks of winter we have to admit it has been a mild one. Maybe it’s time to stop holding our breath and start looking forward to the next season. Maybe we should just enjoy and appreciate the mild climate and begin to plan for warmer weather. Soon beauty will be born in that now wet ground. A new cycle of plants will fill our garden. In fact blooming daffodils are right around the corner. Very soon the warm sun will beckon us to that patch of soil that once was and will be again a perfect square of vibrant plants and flowers. This unexpected surprise of mild weather is a good thing. Why not enjoy it? Why not embrace the calm of it? It’s time to appreciate the weather that is here now. Let us not second guess the whys of it but instead be grateful. It’s only weeks before spring officially arrives so it’s time to turn our thoughts to warmer weather and the anticipation of what spring will bring. Because springtime is always a pleasant surprise.

2012 writings by Robin

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